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“Investing in a solid education groundwork and capitalizing on the value of my teaching experiences are two strategies that can positively contribute to achieving my personal goals.”

“Ongoing changes and improvements in the use of technology in education continue to have a positive impact in today’s learning trends.”


“ I carry out my role as a teacher, it is my goal to constantly learn new and effective ways of combining technology and educational resources in order to produce the desired learning experience for my students.”

Now that I have completed the program, I feel contentedly drenched in the lessons I have learned from a very rich educational experience.   MSU’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program is not just focused on academic content and technical skill development:  every course I took also supported the development of my goals.  The desire to achieve my goals protected me from anxiety and helped me become resilient to life changes and adjustments while being in the program. The projects that I have accomplished became a profound reflection of my character, ideals, and leadership as a technology integrator and as an educator.

Totally Driven towards
Mission Possible​​​

by Maria Fishell

Updated 11-20-2013

Goal Statement​ ​(Excerpts)

by Maria Fishell


It was one of my goals to make learning a rewarding endeavor for my students. I believed that the MAET program partnered with me in the realization of this goal.  I now have a deeper understanding of how meaningful learning can take place and how effective teaching happens.  As a teacher, I now focus on understanding students' individual learning needs; on the interactions of technology, pedagogy and course content; and on how to develop meaningful, supportive relationships with my students during class time.

I also realized that my drive to complete course projects, my respect for hard work, my discipline, motivation and my earnest aspiration to serve my students are deeply aligned with the College of Education's mission to serve education through leadership and scholarship.  

After reflecting on this last excerpt, I realized that MSU’s MAET program answers the question of how to add value and quality to not just tomorrow’s learning and teaching  experience, but also today’s.  Indeed, being in the program has been an extremely valuable and worthwhile experience for me.

“There are three phases in my customary success strategy:  belief, action, and discipline … As a teacher, I BELIEVE students will be successful if I make learning a rewarding endeavor for them.  Individualized teaching is my way of putting this goal into ACTION.  Every student has unique learning needs which can be met by being sensitive to the student’s progress and by understanding the factors that may affect a student’s learning style. Teaching effectiveness can be supported by incorporating the proper technology and communication tools, techniques, and methods in learning."

“It requires DISCIPLINE to continuously explore different ways to connect with my students.”

"... The College of Education’s mission of LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, and SERVICE IN EDUCATION matches my drive to take the lead and make things happen to achieve my personal success.  If I am accepted into this program, MSU will see my discipline to persevere in being the best in whatever I do...."

"The Michigan State University’s MAET program answers today’s question on how to add value and quality to tomorrow’s education.   As a student and a teacher, it will be an extremely valuable and worthwhile experience to be in this program."​


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