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Here’s a little background of my current career.  I currently serve as a computer instructor and a career coach at a career-focused/workplace readiness school for adults (18 - 80 yrs old). I teach MS Office applications, computer and internet concepts, business & customer relations and workplace readiness courses.

Today, we produce and access too much information but sometimes we really do not know what to do about it.  I would like to take on the challenge to help in cultivating this generation’s imagination for today’s world of constant change and tomorrow's innovations.   It is a goal for me to focus on what really matters most to learners.  I would like to show them how they can relate and deal with this new learning generation of handling information like using it for career searching, self branding, and creating support/connections for employment and daily lifestyle.

Motivating everyone to be curious about and be interested with relevant technology for learning - this is the initial step to be able to let learners fully understand its benefits.

  • function as the Subject Matter Expert by exploring and determining the course content, assessment needs, technology tools, and pedagogical strategies for corporate and career training.


  • create and conduct customized and project-based training/workshop at schools and businesses for professional development.


  • develop and modify lessons, courses, training modules, and curricula for online, face-to face, and hands-on learning to ensure students' learning styles are addressed.


  • use of learning management system in designing courses for online/hybrid learning.


  • teach students individually and in groups; adapt and use various teaching methods and instructional strategies to accommodate students’ different learning styles, needs, abilities, and interests.


  • evaluate and use of online assessments to test student skill level and achievement.


  • attend online/on-site meetings and teacher training/workshops to maintain and improve my professional competence and technology knowledge.


  • remain current on emerging technology trends to support decisions in choosing the appropriate technology tools to use in developing courseware.


  • teach office applications and employability skills for career preparation and workforce development.

Leadership and Administrative Skills
  • research, test, evaluate, and recommend instructional materials, textbooks, software, equipment, and technology tools that support student educational needs and school standards.


  • contribute to planning, decision-making, and problem solving when handling student and/or school issues.


  • prioritize tasks and work on a number of different projects promptly.


  • performed the following roles at University of Cordillera and Systems Technology Institute, Baguio City, Philippines

- served as thesis adviser, career coach,and placed students for apprenticeship

- planned and determined college courses to be offered every school semester

- assigned instructors their work schedule and courses to teach

- evaluated teachers’ work performance through conducting classroom observations

- supervised the computer science department with 15+ staff and instructors, and 300+ college students

Communication and Designing Skills
  • support M-TEC’s marketing department by designing flyers/brochures, multimedia presentations, web pages, and other promotional products.


  • create and deliver presentations using Prezi, PowerPoint, screencasts, and other visualization tools.


  • prepare and set up attainable learning objectives for all courses and projects and clearly communicate the objectives to students.


  • collaborate with co-teachers and staff members to accomplish goals.


  • translate learning concepts into real world applications for practical learning. 


  • clearly articulate learning concepts and technology use to students.


  • write and send out e-newsletters and mass emails using Constant Contact to current students and future learners.


  • manage M-TEC’s social media accounts and website:​

Human Relations and Other Skills
  • verbally articulate and a good listener to build bridges with colleagues and students.​

  • assists the M-TEC’s Marketing Manager in designing marketing brochures and materials.​

  • manage the M-TEC’s social media and M-TEC website:​

  • write and generate reports and letters for file maintenance and office/school correspondence.

Human Relations and Other Skills
  • empathize with students and co-workers for further understanding.​

  • optimistic and upbeat to generate good energy and goodwill at work.

  • ​creative and resourceful in solving problems that may inevitably arise.


"The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation." - Mark Twain

What do people think about me at work?


​​“This high level of competence makes Maria a valuable resource when planning our programs and services at M-TEC.  Student feedback consistently ranks Maria in the excellent category for her classes and workshops that she teaches.


We value her professionalism and dedication to her job.”​

– Ralph Swanson, Retired
Director, Thompson M-TEC


“I often brainstorm with Maria, because I know that she will find ways to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of a training solution by incorporating technology wherever possible and desirable.  She is a pleasure to work with, as she is an excellent listener, thinker, and collaborator.  She follows through on commitments and goes above and beyond any request. 

I continue to be impressed, even after many years.”​

– Patrice Ostradick, Retired
Performance Improvement Consultant,


"I have had the privilege of working with Kit as an instructor for the past ten years where she has been a tremendous asset to Thompson M-TEC.  I have seen many examples of her talent in a leadership role as an instructor and have been impresses by her diligence.  Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop productive working relationships with our students and our staff.​

Besides being a pleasure to work with, Kit is a take-charge person who is able to present very creative ideas and communicate the benefits to her students.  Kit has been very instrumental in curriculum development and the management of our M-TEC website where she demonstrates extraordinary skill in its design and function.  Because of her excellent organizational skills, certification in customer service, and her master certification in Microsoft Office, she has been an inspiration for our students and staff."

- Joni Rosema
Career Services Coordinator
Thompson M-TEC

Teaching Skills

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